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"We use the iBMACS system to bring together and maintain the various elements of our compliance regime. The system is easy to use, reliable and can produce great management information, which combined proves to be an invaluable tool in managing compliance."

David Charles, Managing Director, Cooke & Mason Plc

"We believe that it (iBMACS) will provide directors and owners with the high level of expert guidance they require."

Steve White, Head of Compliance and Training, BIBA

"iBMACS makes compliance so much easier. It is a one-stop shop for all of our compliance needs, where we can hold all of our data and documents centrally. It is an efficient way of managing compliance within the business."

Elisa Griffin FCCA, Finance Director, Cooke & Mason Plc

"Regular use of iBMACS will enable firms to achieve, maintain and monitor compliance."

Paul Meehan FCII, Group Chief Executive, Smart & Cook Group Limited

"New iBMACS is a great improvement on the previous system and I have been extremely pleased with the operation of iBMACS in the years we have utilised the systems. The fact colleagues can input reporting information to show them instantly whether our firm is compliant in relevant areas is a valuable tool, particularly as once input, the data cannot be altered and an audit trail is provided. This fact, along with the project management and reporting capabilities, has given our auditors concise and accurate evidence of the systems and controls that we operate as a business. The knowledge database and ease of use of the system are also extremely useful to our business."

Andrew Gibbons ACII, Managing Director, Mason Owen Financial Services

"iBMACS is a comprehensive tool that ensures we are able to enhance and progress our compliance regime, giving good, recordable, secure and reliable management systems and controls."

Group Compliance Officer

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